9th of September will be an exciting day for all Sony Xperia lovers!

Just hours ago, Sony Xperia has officially uploaded a 30 seconds video of what seems to be the rumored Honami device. This is most likely to be the successor of the current Xperia Z.

From the video itself, the device is set to have a G lens (possible 20.7MP?). Here’s a brief history of what a Sony G lens is. With the remarkable alpha series of cameras that Sony has been producing, we’ll be expecting some decent quality photos to come out of the new lens.

With the launch of the Xperia Z Ultra, we’re expecting this device to also have the same IP rating of IP58. And something that all users have been craving for on their Xperia smartphones, a dedicated camera button!! Now capturing photos underwater will be a breeze.

We can expect that the build quality of this device will be the same as the Z Ultra, tempered glass on the front and back with aluminum on the side. It will spot the same on/off button on the Xperia Z Ultra for an ergonomic touch.

Well, we can’t wait for the official announcement to be made on the September 4th. As the end of the video states, “The best of Sony is about to get even better”!