Xperia Z Side-flip Leather Hard Casing (by BASEUS)

Xperia Z Baseus CoverWith the introduction of Xperia Z, the cover of Xperia Z also made its appearance recently.

This time round, we got our hands on a side-flip leather hard casing that comes in really attractive colors. The exterior of the casing is covered in leather and the interior of the flap is covered with soft felt-cloth-alike material.

DSC_0089 DSC_0088 DSC_0087

Thus, in terms of protection against dust, dirt and scratches, this case has provided satisfactory results on the inside, as well as on the outside.

However, the design of the casing does have its ups and downs. If one has seen the Xperia Z, they would know that the charging port is on the very top left hand corner of the phone, lying just right next to the corner. And this indicates a certain amount of difficulty when designing flip covers because it is a choice between sturdiness and convenience. The flip cover that is brought in this round does not come with an opening on the cover for the charging port. In other words, the cover has to be removed in order to charge the phone. However, sacrificing this inconvenience brings sturdiness, allowing the cover to support the phone fully. On the other hand, there is a plus point which lies on the flap design. The top and bottom of the flap have been tailored to expose the speaker and microphone. This would mean that users can close the flap and continue their phone call after answering the call. This removes the nuisance of having an uncomfortable grip while being on the phone!



What’s more, the omnibalance design of the Xperia Z can continue to shine! The side of the cover has also been tailored so that it will not obstruct the lock/power button and volume keys. However, as the volume keys for Xperia Z has slimmed down, users may have to press a bit harder as the keys will seem to sit deeper in with the cover. Once again, it is convenience versus sturdiness.


In all, this cover does serve its purpose as a great protection against all the rough treatments that our Xperia Z may face.


OptiContrast Panel and Sensor on lens technology confirmed on the Xperia Z!

The Xperia Z has been confirmed to possess the same display technology found on the Xperia V (OptiContrast and sensor-on-lens). This is a great feature for Sony’s next flagship model! With such awesome specs in its repertoire, a TV-like experience is what you need to enjoy all the media content on the Xperia Z. Here’s a breakdown on how the Xperia Z will benefit from this new technologies:Screen shot 2013-01-17 at PM 07.17.31

With the new technologies infused in the Xperia Z, viewing your smartphone under strong sunlight will pose you no problem. Experience better sensitivity when you navigate the phone too! Design is one of Sony’s strong points, and this technologies are no exception. Image source from Sony Mobile.

Battery STAMINA Mode. Last longer, smarter!

Battery life is by far one of the most important aspect to take note on a smartphone these days. What’s the use of a smartphone if the battery is dead? Leading applications, on the PlayStore, like JuiceDefender and Easy Battery Saver can be used to solve this pesky little problem.

BUT NOW, behold the “Battery STAMINA Mode” function on the Xperia Z! This new addition shuts off almost all connections besides the basic call and SMS function. More importantly, it gives you the option to customize a white list of applications to run while your screen is off. This added feature on the Xperia Z is claimed to increase standy by time up to four times or more!

Check out Mattery STAMINA Mode and more, in this interview with Stephen from the Sony Mobile Team!

An improvement to battery life is always a welcome sight for any smartphone user. Let us know what you think about this cool new feature that is packed with the Xperia Z.

Talk in the rain, tweet in the shower and capture videos in the pool!

Sony’s next flagship model, the Xperia Z (codename Yuga & C660x) was finally announced in CES 2013. This is Sony’s first quad-core android smartphone and they are hoping to rival the lights of Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S3. The Xperia Z spots a variety of new innovations that will be discussed right here!

Enjoy blazing fast performance with the latest Snapdragon S4 Pro with a quad-core 1.5GHz Krait processor, Adreno 320 graphics and 2GB of RAM. Moreover, the Xperia Z comes with Jelly Bean, supports 4G LTE. Be prepared to enjoy fluid gaming, video and web surfing experience at your fingertips. The Xperia Z is also NFC enabled, which allows for both future purchases with your mobile phone and connectivity with other NFC peripherals.

The Xperia Z brings the display of smartphones to a whole new level. It spots a stunning 5″ Full HD (1080p) Reality display with a whopping 443PPI. Coupled with Mobile Bravia Engine 2 that we’re familiar with, images will look razor sharp and crisp even to the finest detail. Based on the foundations of the Xperia V, the Xperia Z may also include an OptiContrast Panel and sensor-on-lens technology. In short, Sony has brought TV-like experience onto the smartphone platform.

Xperia Z Backlit Couple

Image and video capturing has been improved by a notch. Sony has always paired Exmor R sensors into their high-end Xperia devices. This time round, the Xperia Z is the first to be equiped with an all new 13MP Exmor RS sensor, with 9 MP burst mode at 10 frames per second. HDR still images are a thing of the past. Sony has revolutionized this by including HDR video (1080p) recording capabilities that can capture in RGBW coding. Images and videos will look more dynamic and still retain their natural colors. As for the front camera, it spots a 2.2MP Exmor R sensor capable of capturing your self shots even under low light conditions.

The Xperia Z, a multimedia powerhouse, really does stand out from its predecessors. More importantly, it’s water and dust resistance with an IP rating of IP57. Despite packing a massive screen and the durability features, the Xperia Z is relatively lightweight (146g) and manageable due to the OmniBalance design, being just 7.9 mm thick. It’s a fraction thicker than the iPhone 5 but thinner than the Galaxy S3. It also has a premium feel, thanks to those tempered glass panels on the front and back.

Xperia Z Group Black

Our thoughts on this new device? We LOVE it! The stunning 5″ Full HD Reality display, razor sharp 13MP Exmor RS shooter, blazing fast S4 quad-core processor with 4G LTE and NFC capabilities. What more can we ask for? Do share with us your feelings on the Xperia Z too!

Review of Nillkin Casing for Xperia V (Smooth Diamond)

As promised, we are here to deliver the review of the slightly different Nillkin casing that was mentioned in the previous review. This new casing works just as well as the previous matte casing, or even better. How is that so?

Firstly, it comes in an even more fitting design and also a greater variety of colors (galaxy black, baby pink, bumblebee yellow and royal blue).

DSC_0266 edited DSC_0276 edited

Same as the previous casing, the fitting design ensures no hindrance to the camera or any of the external ports, allowing full accessibility for file transfers and charging without having to remove the casing.

DSC_0281 DSC_0282 DSC_0286 DSC_0280

The main difference between this and the matte casing lies in its material. This time round, the hard casing has a smoother touch and a diamond-like finish, making its colors more outstanding. For those of you who want that bit more of vibrancy, this may be the one you are looking for.

Something BIG just got announced! Xperia Z is coming to town.

Experiences beyond the ordinary. The Xperia Z just got announced in CES 2013!

We’ll dig deep into the specifications of the phone in our next post.We know that we MUST get our hands on one of this bad boy real soon. How about you?  Do share with us your thoughts on this revolutionary device.

Review of Nillkin Casings for Xperia V (Matte)

Remember the Nillkin casing introduced a few days back? In order to ensure absolute satisfaction for our users, we decided to try out the casing ourselves! And it had proven itself by providing great protection against dust, scratches and even to a certain extent, shock.

The fitting design of the casing also guarantees usage convenience. It does not hinder buttons, camera, or any of the external ports, allowing users to conveniently plug in their earpieces or USB cables.




Furthermore, the hardiness of the poly-carbonate also allows users to use their phones under almost any kind of environment without having to worry about damaging the phone body.

As for those who are worried about those occasional slips, here’s a good news. The Nillkin casing comes with a smooth and matte finishing that gives a good and sturdy grip on your phone.


And all these come without compromising the slimness of your Xperia V. What more can you ask for? 🙂

Up next, we will be bringing you another set of Xperia V casings by Nillkin as well, but with that slight tinge of difference. So, stay tune!