Casing Review: TourMate (for Xperia Z)

The TourMate casings have arrived!

The TourMate casing comes in two versions. Both versions are available in black, white, pink and blue.

Version 1


For this version, the back is matte translucent with clear transparent sides. It is of silicone material and is thus quite flexible, making removal and mounting of the casing much easier. And because of its material, it provides a much stronger and better grip for the phone.

Same as most of the casings introduced, all the charging and audio jack ports, lock/on-off button and volume keys are exposed and unobstructed.

xperia z tourmate6

And this is how your Xperia Z will look like with the casings on:

xperia z tourmate5

Version 2


In general, there is not much difference between this version and Version 1. The main two differences are its material finishing and the design of the sides. This version is also made of silicone, but it comes in a gloss finish. Grip wise, it works as well as Version 1’s.

The design of the side is slightly different as the opening on the left side (reference from front view) has all its usb port, microSD slot and charger dock access left exposed and unobstructed. For those who plans on getting a charger-dock station, this will probably be the one that caters to your needs.

xperia z tourmate4

And this is how your Xperia Z will look like with the casings on:

xperia z tourmate2

xperia z tourmate1

xperia z tourmate

xperia z tourmate3


Xperia Z silicone case (by TourMate)

For those who want a case that protects the back of the Xperia Z, you can consider the silicone case by TourMate. Off the bat, the most important thing to note would be whether any important ports are blocked. Based on the images alone, the microUSB, microSD, earjack, speaker slots are not blocked. We’ll be doing an in-depth review once we grab hold of one of these cases! Till then, stay tuned!

Review: Xperia Z Glow-in-dark Case (by iBUFFALO)

Looking for something unique yet able to protect your phone? Hate it when you could not find your phone in your bag? This glow-in-the-dark cover is something that you definitely want to consider.


The material of this cover is also silicone but it comes with a softer touch. And because of its material, it provides a certain amount of slip resistance, giving a firmer grip over your phone.

Furthermore, not only does this cover fits onto the Xperia Z perfectly, it also provides indication for the power/lock button and volume keys. There is no need to worry for difficulty with pressing the lock/power button and volume keys as the cover is tailored to have a slight protrusion for easy handling of these keys. And same as the previous cover, all ports, speakers, microphone and camera are unobstructed to provide users with the maximum usability.

bumper n glow1 DSC_0463

Review: Xperia Z Silicone Bumper (by iBUFFALO)

Here at KYX, we understand that every individual has different needs and preferences and that is why we have this transparent silicone bumper for those who just want something real simple and yet able to protect their Xperia Z.


Not only does this silicone bumper helps to protect the edges and sides, it also elevates your Xperia Z both on the front and back so that the faces are protected when laid on a flat surface. This feature comes in handy since most of us have the habit of placing our phones on tables, be it in offices, cafeterias or at home.

In addition, this bumper allows convenient charging and plugging in of earpieces without the hassle of removing your cover! Even speakers, microphones and camera are unobstructed as well.


Furthermore, its quality has been proven to be one of its best after withstanding all the violent stretching  that we did to it (from the putting on and removing of the cover) 🙂 We would say that this is definitely a good choice for those who want to show off the original beauty of their Xperia Z without sacrificing its protection. This is something to expect from a product from Japan!