Casing Review: X-Doria Bumper

The long-awaited X-Doria bumper has arrived!


Different from the previous bumper introduced, the X-Doria bumper provides greater support and protection for your Xperia Z. The outer rim of the X-Doria bumper is made of silicone, providing flexibility and elasticity for easy mount on and removal. And the core of the bumper is made of clear hard silicone which provides great support and framing for the phone.

Other than the audio jack, usb port and speakers being unobstructed as well, this bumper has a beveled design designed specially for the power/lock button and the volume keys, granting easy access.

x-doria1 x-doria2

The bumper fits the Xperia Z perfectly and provides a good fit around the edges of the phone. The combination of flexibility and strong core support makes this bumper the perfect fit for your Xperia Z.

Colors available: Purple, White, Black.


Xperia Accessories Pricing

We’ve been busy lately, henceforth not being able to reply the comments! However, we’re here to disclose all the pricings in detail.

Xperia Z accessories

X-Doria Bumper (mid to late march): SGD30 (TBC)

iBUFFALO Bumper (mid to late march): SGD16 (includes front + back screen protectors)

TourMate Back Case (mid to late march): SGD10 (TBC)

SCREEN PROTECTORS (ready stock): matte/clear SGD5 (front + back), diamond SGD5 (front only)

Xperia V cases

Nillkin Back Case (ready stock): SGD15 (includes front screen protector)

SCREEN PROTECTORS (ready stock): matte/clear SGD2 (front only)


**LOCAL SINGAPORE POSTAGE**: Screen Protector SGD0.5, Cases SGD2.5


Xperia Z cases/ bumpers for sale!

Great news for all new Xperia Z users! Here at KYX, we’ve pre-ordered a few cases/ bumpers that will fit greatly with your brand new Xperia Z. All cases will be available from mid to late of March, so register your interest through right now! **PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE SITUATED IN SINGAPORE, AND ALL SHIPPING COST WILL BE INCURRED BY THE BUYER**

We’ve got two bumpers, one from X-Doria (under SGD30, pricing TBC)…

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at PM 06.32.21

and the other from iBUFFALO! (SGD16)


We’ve got a silicone case from TourMate (under SGD10, pricing TBC). More colors available in this link!

Review: Xperia Z Silicone Bumper (by iBUFFALO)

Here at KYX, we understand that every individual has different needs and preferences and that is why we have this transparent silicone bumper for those who just want something real simple and yet able to protect their Xperia Z.


Not only does this silicone bumper helps to protect the edges and sides, it also elevates your Xperia Z both on the front and back so that the faces are protected when laid on a flat surface. This feature comes in handy since most of us have the habit of placing our phones on tables, be it in offices, cafeterias or at home.

In addition, this bumper allows convenient charging and plugging in of earpieces without the hassle of removing your cover! Even speakers, microphones and camera are unobstructed as well.


Furthermore, its quality has been proven to be one of its best after withstanding all the violent stretching  that we did to it (from the putting on and removing of the cover) 🙂 We would say that this is definitely a good choice for those who want to show off the original beauty of their Xperia Z without sacrificing its protection. This is something to expect from a product from Japan!

Xperia Z silicone bumper + glow-in-dark case (by NTT DoCoMo/ iBUFFALO)

Just got these shipped direct from NTT DoCoMo, Japan! At first glance, regularly used ports (i.e. charging port, microSD slot) are not covered. This is definitely a plus point from our point-of-view too. Will do a complete review of both these cases soon. Till then, stay tuned 😀

Silicone glow-in-dark case:
DSC_0073Silicone Bumper: