Casing Review: X-Doria Bumper

The long-awaited X-Doria bumper has arrived!


Different from the previous bumper introduced, the X-Doria bumper provides greater support and protection for your Xperia Z. The outer rim of the X-Doria bumper is made of silicone, providing flexibility and elasticity for easy mount on and removal. And the core of the bumper is made of clear hard silicone which provides great support and framing for the phone.

Other than the audio jack, usb port and speakers being unobstructed as well, this bumper has a beveled design designed specially for the power/lock button and the volume keys, granting easy access.

x-doria1 x-doria2

The bumper fits the Xperia Z perfectly and provides a good fit around the edges of the phone. The combination of flexibility and strong core support makes this bumper the perfect fit for your Xperia Z.

Colors available: Purple, White, Black.


Casing Review: TourMate (for Xperia Z)

The TourMate casings have arrived!

The TourMate casing comes in two versions. Both versions are available in black, white, pink and blue.

Version 1


For this version, the back is matte translucent with clear transparent sides. It is of silicone material and is thus quite flexible, making removal and mounting of the casing much easier. And because of its material, it provides a much stronger and better grip for the phone.

Same as most of the casings introduced, all the charging and audio jack ports, lock/on-off button and volume keys are exposed and unobstructed.

xperia z tourmate6

And this is how your Xperia Z will look like with the casings on:

xperia z tourmate5

Version 2


In general, there is not much difference between this version and Version 1. The main two differences are its material finishing and the design of the sides. This version is also made of silicone, but it comes in a gloss finish. Grip wise, it works as well as Version 1’s.

The design of the side is slightly different as the opening on the left side (reference from front view) has all its usb port, microSD slot and charger dock access left exposed and unobstructed. For those who plans on getting a charger-dock station, this will probably be the one that caters to your needs.

xperia z tourmate4

And this is how your Xperia Z will look like with the casings on:

xperia z tourmate2

xperia z tourmate1

xperia z tourmate

xperia z tourmate3

Review of Nillkin Casing for Xperia V (Smooth Diamond)

As promised, we are here to deliver the review of the slightly different Nillkin casing that was mentioned in the previous review. This new casing works just as well as the previous matte casing, or even better. How is that so?

Firstly, it comes in an even more fitting design and also a greater variety of colors (galaxy black, baby pink, bumblebee yellow and royal blue).

DSC_0266 edited DSC_0276 edited

Same as the previous casing, the fitting design ensures no hindrance to the camera or any of the external ports, allowing full accessibility for file transfers and charging without having to remove the casing.

DSC_0281 DSC_0282 DSC_0286 DSC_0280

The main difference between this and the matte casing lies in its material. This time round, the hard casing has a smoother touch and a diamond-like finish, making its colors more outstanding. For those of you who want that bit more of vibrancy, this may be the one you are looking for.

Review of Nillkin Casings for Xperia V (Matte)

Remember the Nillkin casing introduced a few days back? In order to ensure absolute satisfaction for our users, we decided to try out the casing ourselves! And it had proven itself by providing great protection against dust, scratches and even to a certain extent, shock.

The fitting design of the casing also guarantees usage convenience. It does not hinder buttons, camera, or any of the external ports, allowing users to conveniently plug in their earpieces or USB cables.




Furthermore, the hardiness of the poly-carbonate also allows users to use their phones under almost any kind of environment without having to worry about damaging the phone body.

As for those who are worried about those occasional slips, here’s a good news. The Nillkin casing comes with a smooth and matte finishing that gives a good and sturdy grip on your phone.


And all these come without compromising the slimness of your Xperia V. What more can you ask for? 🙂

Up next, we will be bringing you another set of Xperia V casings by Nillkin as well, but with that slight tinge of difference. So, stay tune!

We love our Xperia V as much as you do. Protect it the way we do.

We’ve got an awesome casing to share! It comes in three amazing colors: Black, Red and Brown. Be sure to check out our full review in a couple of days time. We’re sure that you’ll like it! Here’s a preview to keep your eyes feasting.


Oh, and did we mention that the casing’s by Nillkin? P.S. it’s dust resistant like the Xperia V is!