transfer everything on your iPhone to Xperia in 8 simple clicks!

iphone backup

There has always been a barrier for iPhone users to seamlessly transfer content to Xperia devices. Sony has overcome this problem by integrating a feature in PC Companion that creates the bridge that connects these two together. Now transferring of contacts, media content and more can be done with in 8 simple clicks. Follow these simple steps to transfer all your iPhone content to your Xperia!

Step 1: Open PC Companion on your PC and click on “Xperia Transfer”

PC Companion

Step 2: Click “Start”

Xperia Transfer

Step 3: Connect your Xperia to the PC

Connect Xperia phone

Step 4: Click “Next” to change the connection mode of your Xperia

How to connect

Step 5: Disconnect the USB cable from the computer


Step 6: Follow the steps shown on the screen. Connect back the USB cable once you’ve changed to the MTP mode.


Step 7: Once connected, allow for a few seconds of load time to detect your Xperia


Step 8: Prepare your iPhone backup! Press “Next” and your content will be transferred.

select content

BAMMM!! Everything done in 8 simple steps. Be sure to have a backup of your Xperia content before you go through the transfer. Share this with your fellow friends who didn’t want to convert to Xperia because “it was too hard to transfer content”. Now they too can experience the goodness of an Xperia device. What do you thing? Sony has done a pretty decent job in making it convenient for iPhone users! We love this idea of theirs!!


iPhone to Xperia, as easy as abc!

Do you own an iPhone and always wanted to change to an Xperia? Now there’s a hassle-free way to transfer your contacts, media, emails and more!

PC Companion is the hero of the day and we’ll be updating a step-by-step tutorial on how to switch seamlessly from an iPhone to an Xperia. Stay tuned!