Xperia Z Bumper (by X-Doria)

We’ve recently chanced upon a real beauty! This is the bumper by X-Doria and is only available in Japan for now. It comes in the colors of purple, pink, white and black. We’re bringing in a batch of these to try out, so register your interest if you’re keen on getting one. We’re getting extras too! =)Screen shot 2013-02-22 at PM 06.32.21 Screen shot 2013-02-22 at PM 06.32.53


46 thoughts on “Xperia Z Bumper (by X-Doria)

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  3. hi, i’m interested in the purple one and maybe also the white/black one, how much will that cost me for shipping to the Netherlands for 1 piece?

  4. Hi, i live in Bangkok (TH) and i would like to preorder this bumber (black color) when you think will be available?


  5. are the case still for sale? Im interested in Purple and White! I live in Australia, be happy to pay for shipping chargers

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