Xperia Z vs Xperia V (Night shots compared)

We’ve just gotten our hands on a Xperia Z test set and we’ll be running various comparisons tests with the Xperia V. The first test will push both cameras to the limits. Both phones spot a 13 MP shooter with HDR and Sony’s very own Superior Auto mode. Day shots will definitely look good on these two devices, but what sets them apart would be the night shots. We’ve put the Exmor RS sensor (Xperia Z) to test against the Exmor R sensor (Xperia V).




It’s quite clear, even without annotations, that the Exmor RS sensor for the Xperia Z is the clear winner. We’re very excited to test more functions out, and we’ll be sure to update it on our blog asap!


5 thoughts on “Xperia Z vs Xperia V (Night shots compared)

  1. The pictures of the Xperia Z have way more noise. So I wounder about the ISO Levels. Are they much higher with the Xperia Z? If so, how would the photos look like, if you put them on the same level?

  2. Nice. Xperia Z looks so good. I actually think Xperia Z will be better than Lumia in Low-light Conditions, but Xperia Z doesn’t look good in Light Conditions:(, HTC Droid DNA display also looks better:( but Xperia Z display looks brighter. I hope Sony tweak the Camera so its better in Light Conditions than it has been in the demo model.

    • Hi, both phones were set to the Superior Auto mode. I was quite puzzled with the over exposure of the Xperia V too. Been trying to capture a better shot, but to no avail. The pictures posted were the best I could get on that night.

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