A whopping 12 awards for the Xperia Z in CES 2013!

We were amazed when we found out the Xperia Z took home 12 awards from CES 2013. This is an amazing feat for Sony ever since the launch of the Xperia lineup! Check out the awards given out right here:


Popular Mechanics | CES 2013: Editor’s Choice Awards | http://bit.ly/VMdbTH 

TechnoBuffalo | Best of CES 2013 | http://tchno.be/WFKbsM 

Laptop Magazine | Best of CES 2013 | http://bit.ly/RJU10f  

Tech Radar | Best of CES 2013: Best Cell Phone | http://bit.ly/WzWoPM 

Stuff | CES 2013 Hot Stuff | http://bit.ly/VYxxGr 

Gotta Be Mobile | CES 2013: Best Phone | http://bit.ly/XoKkE3 

PC Pro | CES 2013 Greatest Hits: Best smartphone | http://bit.ly/WY32Ad 

Mobile Geeks | Best Smartphone

Ubergizmo | Best of CES 2013

Computer Act!ve | Best of CES 2013


TechnoBuffalo | Reader’s Choice | http://tchno.be/ZIowr3

CNet | Best of CES | http://bit.ly/VP1yrk

KUDOS to Sony for coming up with such a killer phone! We do hope that the Xperia Z will garner as much attention during its launch as it did during CES 2013.


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