Battery STAMINA Mode. Last longer, smarter!

Battery life is by far one of the most important aspect to take note on a smartphone these days. What’s the use of a smartphone if the battery is dead? Leading applications, on the PlayStore, like JuiceDefender and Easy Battery Saver can be used to solve this pesky little problem.

BUT NOW, behold the “Battery STAMINA Mode” function on the Xperia Z! This new addition shuts off almost all connections besides the basic call and SMS function. More importantly, it gives you the option to customize a white list of applications to run while your screen is off. This added feature on the Xperia Z is claimed to increase standy by time up to four times or more!

Check out Mattery STAMINA Mode and more, in this interview with Stephen from the Sony Mobile Team!

An improvement to battery life is always a welcome sight for any smartphone user. Let us know what you think about this cool new feature that is packed with the Xperia Z.


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