Review of Nillkin Casings for Xperia V (Matte)

Remember the Nillkin casing introduced a few days back? In order to ensure absolute satisfaction for our users, we decided to try out the casing ourselves! And it had proven itself by providing great protection against dust, scratches and even to a certain extent, shock.

The fitting design of the casing also guarantees usage convenience. It does not hinder buttons, camera, or any of the external ports, allowing users to conveniently plug in their earpieces or USB cables.




Furthermore, the hardiness of the poly-carbonate also allows users to use their phones under almost any kind of environment without having to worry about damaging the phone body.

As for those who are worried about those occasional slips, here’s a good news. The Nillkin casing comes with a smooth and matte finishing that gives a good and sturdy grip on your phone.


And all these come without compromising the slimness of your Xperia V. What more can you ask for? 🙂

Up next, we will be bringing you another set of Xperia V casings by Nillkin as well, but with that slight tinge of difference. So, stay tune!


3 thoughts on “Review of Nillkin Casings for Xperia V (Matte)

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